originally a tumblr that was started in 2015, being green while black is:

a visual archive of the constellations of greenness within the vast cosmos of blackness,

a critical expansion/interrogation/subversion/annihilation of the idea of "being green,"

a meditation on how visuals, art, and beauty are sites of revolution, medicine, and knowledge-making/sharing,

a digital spell to conjure socially, politically, economically, and ecologically just futures where blackness isn't marginalized,

a "cyber mycelium" (@ecoxicano),

and a platform grounded in all things very black, very queer, very feminist, and very afro-futurist.

being green while black does not claim the right to all of the showcased images. if you wold like to have your image[s] removed or amended, please contact amirio freeman.

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