collaborations & projects


thick press: TBA

a TBA project in collaboration with thick press

brown environmentalist media collective: sunday reading archive

a digital archive created in collaboration with the brown environmentalist media collective to store all sunday reading volumes

november 2019

loam love: reimagining home in the climate crisis: in conversation with amirio freeman

a loam listen podcast interview exploring themes of home, family, and climate change

august 2018

loam magazine: loam: reawakening resilience

an interview collaboration with brontë velez ("you deserve to be sentient: a decomposition with brontë velez and amirio freeman") for loam magazine

december 2017

loam magazine: amirio freeman of bgwb & kate weiner of loam on reconnecting to roots

an article collaboration with loam magazine

november 2017

loam magazine: instagram takeover (november 17, 2017 - november 20, 2017)

an instagram takeover for loam magazine that introduced the publication's online audience to images and narratives that explore the black environmental heritage

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